I'll be back!

Hello, my lovelies. I've loved being with you here the last several years. The time has come, though, for a short hiatus. Life is a little much these days. Take January: Within 30 days, I dealt with illness, a hospitalization, a job offer, restructuring at work, AND all the stuff related to the car accident I mentioned in my last post. Oh, and I'm working two jobs and attempting to graduate from my master's program in a few months. NBD.

I'm so rushed in the mornings that most days, an eye "look" consists of a little bronzer, eyeliner and mascara that I put on at my desk! Who would have thought that Eyeshadow Addict would skip....eyeshadow?? 

I promise I'll be back in May, when my thesis is all wrapped up (I  hope!). For now, please keep following me on InstagramTwitter, or even Facebook, where I will keep posting about all things beauty-related. 

Until then, may your eyeliner be symmetrical and your mascara smudge-free! 

Love you all. Please wish me luck!