Review and Photos: MAC's Archie's Girls' Caramel Sundae Eyeshadow Palette (from Betty's collection)

MAC's Caramel Sundae eyeshadow palette.

I'm a sucker for MAC limited edition collections. I'm exactly what they're looking for—I'm a makeup addict with a special passion for eyeshadows, I've used MAC products for almost 15 years, and the idea that I might not be able to have something makes me want it even more. 

When I saw this collection announced, I immediately began to drool. I LOVED the Archie comics as a kid. I LOVE the "look" of the 50s—so feminine and beautiful. I also loved the idea of those things being combined into my beloved MAC makeup products.

Alas, I had to exercise some self-control—I purchased only three products: My first was Oh, Oh, Oh, one of the Betty lipsticks. Then, I couldn't help myself: I NEEDED the Betty Caramel Sundae eye palette. So fun, but so wearable. Then, days later, I found myself at the MAC kiosk at the Pacific Centre at opening time to get my hands on one of the last Ronnie Reds.

I admit I may have a problem. But you all get to benefit, right?

Here are some photos of the Caramel Sundae palette:

Caramel sundae eyeshadow palette. Love the packaging on this one!

Caramel Sundae palette detail—it's sturdy. Made of metal, it has a handy button to pop it open.

MAC's Caramel Sundae eyeshadow palette swatched on my NC/NW 15–20 skin. Left to right: Cheryl Chic (frost), Dreammaker (frost), Caramel Sundae (satin), and Showstopper (matte).

Caramel Sundae, the beautiful, neutral tan shade with the satin finish (probably my favourite of all MAC's finishes—easy to blend and looks lovely without too much sparkle or sheen) is what drew me to this palette. I put this purchase off awhile because, truthfully, I hate yellow, and the dark brown shade scared me. But I was sold when a MUA tried it on me at an Archies Girls launch party. All the colours looked good—even the yellow (great for highlighting) and dark brown (creates a beautiful smoky eye that really makes the green in my eyes pop). 

Here are two different looks with the palette. Remember, you don't need to use all four colours at once:

MAC Paint Pot in Dangerous Cuvee all over the lid, Dreammaker on the inner lid, Showstopper on the outer V, and Retrospeck on the brow bone. Finished with MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack on the top, Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes in Chocolate Lustre on the bottom, and Clinique High Impact Mascara in black. 

Same look, different angle. See how the dark brown makes the eye colour pop? You should try it!

A lighter look for the office: Cheryl Chic all over the lid, Caramel Sundae in the crease, Dreammaker on the brow bone and inner corner, and a touch of Showstopper on the outer corner. Finished with MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black, and Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara in Black.

Same look, different angle. 

Cheryl Chic, Dreammaker, and Caramel Sundae apply and blend beautifully. Showstoper is a bit more of a challenge—you'll need to build it up to get the nice chocolate-brown colour, and it takes a bit of extra time to blend. Keep your MAC 217 or something similar handy. 

Like all MAC shadows I've tried, all of these shadows wear beautifully for most of the day. They don't fall out or crease, and by the very end of the day (10–12 hours), I experience only minor fading.

Would I purchase again? If I could! It's limited edition.

Rating: Four stars out of five. 

Available: As of today, it's still available on and You might even be fortunate enough to find one at your local MAC store if you're quick. The price point is $52 CAD.

Have you tried MAC's Caramel Sundae eyeshadow palette? Do you plan to? 

Disclosure: This product was purchased by Eyeshadow Addict. 


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