Lise Watier Imagine Blush: Review and Photos

Lise Watier Imagine Collection Blush.

Lise Watier is a makeup brand that makes me delighted to be a Canadian girl. The Quebec-based company makes beauty products that are beautiful, fun, and feminine, and though the quality is on par with high-end brands such as MAC, the products are easily available at drugstores such as Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs. Win!

After more or less hitting critical mass with eyeshadow (I'm at about 100 shades—oops!), I've been on a blush kick this spring. Tracy over at Beauty Reflections Blog sold me on this beauty, the Imagine Blush from Lise Watier's spring collection. This bright peachy-pink has become a favourite of mine. 

The colour is gorgeous and vibrant, and it packs a pigment punch without being too crazy. It does take a wee bit more work to blend than some other blushes I own, but it's otherwise easy to apply and wear. 

Then there's the packaging and pattern: It's probably some of the prettiest I've ever seen. The dark-blue compact features a large mirror on the inside and an image of a sunset on top. The blush itself is this amazing mosaic of peaches and pinks. Even my husband commented on how artistic it looked as he saw me working on photos for this post!

Here's what it looks like:

Lise Watier's Imagine Blush features a pretty sunset graphic on the outside. 

Lise Watier Imagine Blush. See the big mirror on the inside? Great for travelling. 

Close-up of the mosaic pattern on Lise Water's Imagine Blush. It goes all the way through!

Lise Watier Imagine Blush swatched on my arm. 

Lise Watier Imagine Blush applied. This photo makes it look a bit washed out—my cheeks are actually nice and rosy here!

Same look with Lise Watier Imagine Blush.

The verdict: A great blush for the spring—it creates such a pretty, natural-looking flush!

Rating: Four stars out of five. I love the colour and wear time, but I'd love it even more if blending were just a bit more effortless.

Available: Lise Watier products are available at drugstores such as London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart, as well as some Sears locations. You can also purchase them online at Imagine Blush, which sells for $32 Canadian and is limited edition, seems to be sold out online, but I'm quite sure you can still find it in stores. Better hurry, though!

Have you tried Lise Watier's Imagine Blush? What about other products from the Imagine Collection? What did you think?

Disclosure: This product was purchased by Eyeshadow Addict.

My Beauty Resolutions for 2014: The Twelfth Day of Christmas

For many, the new year is a time for reflection. We look back on the months behind us and hope for good things in the year ahead. New Year's resolutions are a little cliche, I know, but I do think it's important to set attainable goals—goals that help us become the best version of ourselves. I'd like to conclude this holiday-themed series with a set of beauty resolutions.

1) Drink more water.

I think hydration is one of the best things we can do for our bodies. I know I'll have more energy and fewer headaches, and I *hope* I'll see an improvement in my skin—just make it a little brighter and more supple. Have any of you seen this post about the woman who took ten years off her face by drinking water? It's stuck with me, and I'm going to give it a try. I bought a Sodastream on Boxing Day, and I'm hoping that sparking water whenever I want will motivate me a little! 

2) Exercise more regularly.

In addition to giving me more energy and making me healthier—I'll be honest—I'd like to trim off a few of the extra pounds I've picked up this year. (Too much takeout!) I really hate the gym, bit I've found I love being in the water. I've been swimming 15 minutes a day most days the last few weeks, which makes me feel like I'm off to a good start. Consistency is key, right?

3) Shop my stash.

My makeup collection has absolutely ballooned this year. It's been great fun, and I've picked up tons of products I love. I have this habit, though, of using the newest, most exciting products in my collection and moving on to the next new thing. This year, I'd like to spend some time rediscovering what I have. It will push my creativity, make me appreciate what I've got, and, as a bonus, be easier on my bank account and conserve space in our tiny bathroom!

I'm going to leave it there. I think, when setting goals, it's important to be realistic and begin with things that are achievable. If we set the bar too high, we're likely to get overwhelmed and give up. 

What about you? Have you made any resolutions—beauty-related or otherwise? I'd love to hear about them. 

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