30 Random Things About Me: Tag!

30 Random Things About Me

30 Random Things About Me

Angela from Do Want Makeup started the ball rolling on 30 Things About Me, so I thought, why not join in the fun? Last month, my blog turned one and I turned 30. In honour of these milestones, here are 30 things you probably didn't know about me:

1) I'm a fraternal twin. My sister's name is Christy.

2) My obsession with makeup grew gradually. I started wearing it at about 12 years old to cover acne, and I slowly started adding more products as the years went on and I got a little more confident. Things didn't really start to multiply until I moved to Vancouver three years ago. I'm not sure what the catalyst was. Access? Living a few blocks from a MAC Pro Store is dangerous, apparently.

3) I'm a big grammar nerd. Yep. I love to read the monthly Q&A in the Chicago Manual of Style.

4) I love to bake—I even used to make wedding cakes. 

5) I took ten years of French classes in Quebec, but my French is still terrible.

6) I spent many summers as a camp counsellor. I was called "Peaches." And I kind of hate peaches.

7) Of all things beauty, I'm the least interested in nail polish. Maintaining a manicure is too much  of a challenge for me. 

8) I keep several lip products in my purse at any given moment, but I rarely remember to reapply. This means that I wear lip colour for approximately the first 20 minutes of each day, or until my fidgeting/tea drinking/breakfast eating wears it away. Yet I continue to purchase lip products. Clearly I have a problem.

9) My favourite colour is pink.

7) I am on my way to becoming a certified cat lady. These shoes prove it. 

8) I've never gone to bed wearing my makeup—years of acne trained me to wash my face religiously.

9) I get so emotionally invested in novels that characters feel like friends, and I miss them when the book is finished.

10) Sometimes I find stories that so stressful that I need to glance at the ending—just to make sure it's all going to be all right—before I can keep reading. Is that weird, or is that weird? :)

11) My favourite animated Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast.

12) I'm 30 years old, and I still sometimes sleep with a teddy bear. 

13) I'm doing a master's degree in communication.

14) For years, I dreamed of being a writer.

15) Red wine used to make me gag. Now it's love. I dream of touring wineries in France… 

16) I'm self-conscious about my nose. We all have a thing.

17) I miss the wide-open skies of Saskatchewan. The Prairies are oddly beautiful

18) Driving in the city makes me very nervous.

19) My shoe addiction is second only to my makeup addiction. I have a particular weakness for cute heels and anything red.

20) Animals occupy a special place in my heart. I feel compelled to pet and/or photograph nearly all of them. I even took a photo of a dog in church once. My husband was embarrassed. 

21) I'm an introvert. Spending the day by myself sounds wonderful. But I still get lonely.

22) My favourite place to dance is at weddings, because no one cares about trying to look cool. Clubs are really not my scene. I find them boring. 

23) I've always dreamed of touring Europe, but so far, I haven't ventured outside North America.

24) I've either lived in or visited every single Canadian province. The most breathtaking is Newfoundland. You should go.

25) I'm technically a dual (Canada-U.S.) citizen, but I'm all about Canada, all the time. I love this country.

26) I'll never grow tired of chocolate—and it's never too early to eat it.

27) I'm terrible at watching scary movies. I become very…involved. I'm told I'm more entertaining to watch than the film. Sigh.

28) One of our cats once disappeared for two months—in my in-laws' neighbourhood. Thanks to a newspaper ad, a can of tuna, a lot of perseverance, some good neighbours, and  a lot of prayer, we got him back. It was my favourite Christmas present ever.

29) I'm a night owl through and through. 

30) My husband and boy cat both snore. I don't mind. It's comforting to hear them both near. 

Those are my 30 things! Do we have any in common?

I tag the lovely Sarah, Jordana, Jenn, Maddy, Alison, Bailey, and Rosalia! If you'd like to share your 30 things, please do! Leave your links in the comments.