Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic Waterproof Glide-On Eye Shadow: Review

Make Up For Ever's new Aqua Matic Waterproof Glide-On Eyeshadow in S-52.

Don't you love grab-and-go makeup products? If you're like me, every morning is a game of Beat the Clock: How do I maximize sleep, allowing juuuust enough time to look put together before zipping out the door?

If this sounds anything like your morning routine, Make Up For Ever's Aqua Matic Waterproof Glide-On Eye Shadow in S-52, a satiny, flesh-toned cream stick eye shadow, is your friend. Uncap it, swipe it over your lids, blend a little with your finger, swipe on some mascara, and your eyes look brighter and more awake. You're good to go with no fuss and none of the fallout from powder shadows. Win!

I quite like this product's versatility: I've used it as a base, and although it's a little more work to apply than my HG MAC Paint Pot in Painterly (the stick covers less surface area than my finger), it applies smoothly and wears well. My favourite way to wear it, though, is under my eyes. S-52 is a pinky flesh tone that matches the shade of my skin almost exactly, but adds a hint of brightness because of the satin (not frost) finish. I usually like to wear colour on my eyelids (assuming I have the time), but S-52 is awesome swiped on my lower lash line like a subtle liner. Sometimes I'll even extend the line for a VERY subtle cat eye. It makes me look fresher and more awake—especially if I apply it at mid-day, after my black eyeliner or mascara has smudged just a little.

Make Up For Ever's new Aqua Matic Waterproof Glide-On Eyeshadow in S-52.

Make Up For Ever's Aqua Matic Waterproof Glide-On Eyeshadow in S-52 swatched on my hand. Left: Several passes. Right: One pass.

It's hard to judge pigmentation of such a subtle colour, but from what I can see, coverage is opaque in one swipe of the pen. If you're into a sheerer application, try applying it first to your finger and then blending, or running a brush over the tip and applying with a brush.  

I have only one word of warning: If you're working with bolder colours and you want to blend, be quick about your business. This stuff isn't kidding when it says waterproof. It sets QUICKLY, and it doesn't budge.

The verdict: I like it! It's a great-quality product, and it's easy to use. I'd definitely be interested in trying some of the bolder colours in this line—it seems like they'd work well as liner or eyeshadow.

Rating: Four stars out of five.

Available: Sephora and for $25 Canadian (you get 0.049 oz). 

Have you tried Make Up For Ever's Aqua Matic Waterproof Glide-On Eye Shadow? What did you think? 

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