Make Up For Ever Jamie Chung 4 Artist Shadow Palette: Review and Photos

Because everything, including Make Up For Ever, looks better against my Domi.

Make Up For Ever's fall 2015 campaign is called "Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You." It celebrates individuality and self-expression, and features two curated palettes of Artist Shadow—one of my all-time favourite eyeshadow formulas! I have the cool-toned palette, which the actress and blogger Jamie Chung created. She chose four colours:

  • M-532, a matte ivory. It's a bit chalky and a tad drier than the other shades, but it's easy enough to blend.
  • S-642, a satin light brown that makes a great transition shade. It's considerably less pigmented than the other three shades, but if you build and exercise a bit of patience, it works well.
  • D-320, a gorgeous golden-khaki green with a diamond finish. It has silver and gold micro glitter, and it's my favourite shade from the palette. It packs a huge pigment punch and is as soft as butter!
  • ME-108, a metallic sea-foam blue. Like D-320, it's very pigmented and soft. 

Clockwise from the top left: Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows in M-532, S-642, ME-108 and D-320.

Left to right: Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows from the Janie Chung palette: M-532, S-642, D-320 and ME-108.

The case is made of metal, and Jamie Chung's signature is printed on the top. The shadows and foam insert are removable, meaning you can customize the palette.

Here's a look I came up with:

I'm wearing Make Up For Ever M-532 as a highlight, S-642 in the crease and to blend, D-320 in the inner and outer corners, and ME-108 in the centre of the lid. 

What do you think?

Rating: Three and a half stars out of five. As I suggested above, the ivory shade is average and the brown shade is mildly disappointing, though workable. The blue and green shades are fabulous, though!

The verdict: Make Up for Ever Artist Shadows are generally incredible. I'm disappointed with a couple of the shades only because Make Up For Ever has allowed my standards to rise so high! Overall this palette offers great value. 

Available: I'm not seeing this at anymore (sorry for my delay!), but you should still be able to track it down in some Sephora stores for $56. You get 0.33 oz. of product. If you can't find it, take heart! All of these shades are available individually in MUFE's permanent range.

Have you tried Jamie Chung's Artist Shadow Palette? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for my consideration.

Make Up For Ever's Give In To Me Makeup Kit: Review and Photos

Make Up For Ever's Give In To Me Makeup Kit

Note: This review is neither an endorsement nor a rejection of 50 Shades of Grey, the movie (based on a book) that inspired this set. Today, I'm all about the makeup. 

I love, love, love eyeshadow palettes—they help me combine colours that I'd never think of putting together on my own. (I'm boring that way.) I also love Make Up For Ever's Artist Shadow—I do think it's the best shadow on the market today. So when I heard that Make Up For Ever was releasing the Give In To Me Makeup Kit, consisting of a stunning quad, plus black mascara and liner, a lip gloss, and a lipstick, all housed in a pretty box…I still, my beating heart. (Pun intended. Yeah, I went there.)

The set consists of the following bits of beauty:

  • Lab Shine Lip Gloss in D14, a light, mauve-y pink with gold glitter
  • Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N4, a pinky-brown nude
  • Graphic Liner, a black liquid liner with a felt tip
  • The star of the show, a quad of Artist Shadows in I-514 (iridescent light beige), ME-612 (metallic rose gold), S-556 (soft taupe with a satin finish) and I-628 (iridescent army green). Note that I-628 is limited edition.

I know that shelling out $90 at once for a set kind of hurts, but really, value of this kit is kind of out of this world:

  • The quad alone is worth $75 (a $50 trio plus a $25 single), and it's reusable. The shadows just pop out—you can mix and match with whatever other Artist Shadows you have. I'm not typically a packaging person, but I do appreciate that this quad is much nicer than MUFE's standard three-pan palettes for Artist Shadow.
  • The eyeliner ($29), lipstick ($23) and lip gloss ($22) are all full-sized.
  • The mascara appears to be just under full-sized at 5 ml. (The full size is 7 ml. and rings up at $28.)
  • I can't assign a monetary value to the box, but it is kind of cool. It's black with pink trim, and it's decorated with quotes from the movie—nothing too racy. I'm currently using it as a jewellery box.
  • This brings the value of the set, not including the box, to about $175. (Sephora says it's worth over $200—I'm guessing they're valuing the shadows separately.) Not so bad, right?

On to the important stuff: How does the makeup perform?

Here are some swatches to begin:

Swatches of Make Up For Ever's Give In To Me Set (left to right): Lab Shine Lip Gloss in D14; Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N4; Artist Shadows in I-514, ME-612, S-556 and I-628; and Graphic Liner. (Missing: Smoky Extravagant Mascara.)

Everything you see above except the lip gloss is one pass.

Swatches of Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows in (left to right) I-628 (iridescent army green), S-556 (soft taupe with a satin finish), ME-612 (metallic rose gold) and I-514 (iridescent light beige).

Here are my thoughts:


Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N4.

The lipstick is smooth and pigmented, and it lasts as long as most lipsticks do on me (not long thanks to my snacking and fidgeting) without drying out my lips. The lipstick alone is kind of meh, but I'm not really a nude fan—I like my pinks. There is something special, though, about the gloss layered over the lipstick as long as you don't mind things looking a little thick.


Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lip Gloss in D14.

The gloss provides a sheer wash of colour with a nice hint of glitter, and it's only a little sticky—not quite as bad as MAC lip glass. Of the two lip products, I'll wear this one much more often.


Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara

The mascara doesn't live up to its name—there's nothing extravagant about the look, though I'd call it perfectly adequate. The colour is nice and black, and it does last all day without smudging or flaking, which is a big win for me. I don't really "get" the brush, which is huge at the base and tiny at the tip. I don't find it helps with application. With some patience and some layering, I can build it up to acceptable volume and length, but I'll go elsewhere for serious drama.


Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner

I reviewed Graphic Liner on its own recently. It's not a HG product for me (I prefer gel liner applied with a brush), but it is a decent option if you like felt-tip eyeliners.


Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Quad

Oh, the eyeshadows. If I had to choose only one thing from this kit, it would be this quad. I love it. The colours are pigmented, buttery-soft, and long-lasting, and they blend like nobody's business. Even the taupe shade, which has a satin finish, works well—it's a bit drier than the others, but compared to many other matte and satin shadows from different brands, it's fabulous. Note that I test all shadows over MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. If you have oily lids, you might want to try a primer. 

Bonus: The kit comes with a little brochure that gives you different looks to try. I prefer to do my own thing, but if you're new-ish to makeup, you'll appreciate this.

Here's a look I put together with the kit:

Base and cheeks:

  • Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup in 3
  • Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in 1 (Pink)
  • NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla (Review)
  • Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder (face) (Review)
  • Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (under eyes, to set concealer)
  • Make Up For Ever HD Blush in 210 (Review)


  • Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N4
  • Lab Shine Lip Gloss in D14 (layered on top)


  • MAC Paint Pot in Painterly (base) (Review)
  • MAC Eyeshadow in Omega (brows) (Review)
  • Lid and crease: MUFE Artist Shadow in I-628
  • Crease: MUFE Artist Shadow in S-556
  • Upper crease: MUFE Artist Shadow in ME-612
  • Browbone and inner corner: MUFE Artist Shadow in I-514 
  • MUFE Graphic Liner (Review)
  • MUFE Smoky Extravagant Mascara

The verdict: Overall, this is a solid kit. If you're into neutral eyeshadow and you regularly wear basics such as black eyeliner and mascara, it's well worth it.

Rating: Four stars out of five. 

Available: Sephora stores and for $90 Canadian.

Have you tried this kit? What are your favourite products? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclosure: This product was provided by MUFE PR for my consideration. This post contains affiliate links.

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow: Review and Photos

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow.

YOU GUYS. New eyeshadow from Make Up For Ever! Not just new colours—new formula. I don't know about you, but I get so excited when I see how far makeup technology has come since I started wearing foundation and mascara almost 20 years ago. Make Up For Ever's new Artist Shadow is up there with the best-formulated eyeshadow I've tried. Here's what it claims:

With its breakthrough, gel-powder formula blended with ultrafine pigments, Artist Shadow leaves a smooth, even result that gives lids super-saturated, lasting color. An easily-blendable formula that features diamond, iridescent, matte, metallic, and satin finishes, it is an accessible shadow for the professional makeup artist and the everyday woman.

"Gel-powder formula" is about right. This stuff is soft, soft, soft—like butter. It's crazy pigmented, it blends well, and it lasts the day with primer. Can you ask for much more? What's that? Every colour under the sun? Yeah, Make Up For Ever's Artist Shadow has you covered there too. With 210 shades to choose from in five different finishes, I hear it's the biggest permanent range on the market.

Here's a taste of what 210 shades looks like:

I was invited to a Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow launch event in August. We were asked to create a mood board—just like Make Up For Ever product designers do, apparently—and then choose a palette of three shadows to match. I tell you, the choices were difficult. It was an overwhelming amount of pretty. On top of that, we were offered 50 per cent off any other shadows we wanted. Eep! After exercising a great deal of self-control, I went with the following:

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow palettes.

Left palette, top to bottom:

  • I550, an incandescent purply-taupe
  • I-300, an incandescent bluish green
  • S-234, a bright aqua with a satin finish

Right palette, top to bottom:

  • i556, a light, browny taupe with a satin finish
  • ME828, a metallic plum
  • ME230, a metallic greenish blue

Notice any themes? I was in a teal mood. ;)

Make Up For Ever claims these have the highest pigmentation on the market. When you see the swatches, you'll have no trouble believing that.

Left to right: S-234, I-300, I550, ME230, ME828, and i556.

Every swatch but I556 (far right) is ONE swipe. Not bad, right?

Here's a basic look with I550, ME230 and ME828. Experimenting, I put I550 all over the lid, ME828 in the crease, and ME23O in the outer corner and a little in the crease. Next time, I'll blend the purple and teal colours together a little less—they sort of combined into a cool, grey colour.

Overall, here's what I think:


  • They're VERY pigmented.
  • Blendable and soft—almost too soft. See the little dents in the photo above? Mishaps with my fingernails.
  • The packaging is handy. Unlike MAC refill pans, which are very inconvenient to use without a palette, you can keep these in the plastic pans they come with if you wish. It's not the best, but it will work. Alternatively, you can put these in a palette. As a bonus, if you buy three, you get a nice discount!


  • The wear time isn't bad, but I'm a bit disappointed that a primer is required to avoid creasing. For shadow this pricey, I expect slightly better lasting power. Maybe that's the price you pay for shadow this soft and buttery.
  • The price. $24 for a shadow is a fair bit. You do get 0.07 oz., but who needs that much of one colour?

The verdict: I'll definitely be buying more of these.

Rating: Four and a half stars out of five.

Available: Sephora and Here's the price breakdown:

  • $24 Canadian for one shadow (+$1 for a single case)
  • $39 for two shadows (+$1 for a duo case)
  • $50 for three shadows (+$1 for a trio case)

Have you tried Make Up For Ever's new Artist Shadow? Do you see yourself adding more colours to your collection?

Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for my consideration. This post contains affiliate links.