Micro-Review: A Model Recommends COLAB Invisible Dry Shampoo (Rio)

COLAB Invisible Dry Shampoo

When you value sleep in the morning as much as I do (read: you're as lazy in the morning as I am), dry shampoo is an invaluable part of the beauty routine. Who wants to wash and blow dry their hair any more than absolutely necessary? Ugh.

I pull our dry shampoo for third-day hair—sometimes even second-day hair if things are looking a little lifeless. It absorbs the excess oil and adds a bit of volume, and if you've happened upon the right product, it feels like there's nothing in your hair.

My friends, COLAB Invisible Dry Shampoo is what I call "the right product." The marketing lingo says it was developed for models backstage who don't have time to wash their hair in between shows. I can't speak to whether it's effective for that (shocking, I know), but it does allow me to stretch out the time in between washes without adding any extra gunk to my hair. As a happy bonus, the smell is lovely, and the price is reasonable!

Rating: Five stars out of five.

The verdict:  I'll be repurchasing this. It works. And why pay Sephora prices when drugstore will do?

Available: London Drugs and online for about $5.50 (50 ml) or $10 (200 ml).

How do you deal with second- and third-day hair? Do you use dry shampoo? Let me know in the comments! 

Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for my consideration.