Guest Post From Ingrid at Curly Spring Blossom: A Plum Look for the Fall

The gorgeous Ingrid from Curly Spring Blossom is guest posting for me this month! Thanks, Ingrid!

Plum Makeup

Canadian Beauty Bloggers' September Theme


I'm really flattered to do this guest post on Amy's super blog. My only problem is that I have no clue on what I can write about plum except that I had one yesterday and it was delicious! Seriously, when fall comes each year, I look at girls with all those "plummy" eyeshadows and lip colors and find it trendy, sexy but totally not for me. I've tried it over and over again, and each September I fail to add some plum products in my makeup mixture (Boo!Boo!). But since from time to time I love a good challenge, I thought I could attempt a nighttime, smokey all over (go big or go home) PLUM look…

Here how it went: it was fun to apply and work with unusual and different products than my normal makeup regimen. Afterward, I took about 30 selfies and 30 minutes later, washed my face. What can I say, I'm working tomorrow so my supposed nighttime event will consist of a rather plaisant evening at home with Beardman, and my traditional early bedtime routine! 😴








Thanks again Amy xxx

My Guest Post for Chantal: How to Wear Neon When You're Afraid of Neon

Illamasqua Atomic Lipstick is a vibrant magenta—and a great way to introduce some neon into your look.

This month, as part of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers' guest post series, I shared a post over on Chantal's Corner. It covers some tips on how to wear neon when you find it a little intimidating—baby steps! 

Have a read and leave a comment! See you soon.