Mascara Chronicles: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Top to bottom: Deluxe samples of Buxom Full and Fabulous Mascara, Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara, Dior Diorshow Mascara, and Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara.

Like many beauty addicts enthusiasts who have come before me, I trudge bravely on in a never-ending quest for the PERFECT black mascara that makes my lashes look awesome. A month or so ago I was working a combo of Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara (for volume and separation) combined with Clinique Lash Power Mascara (for length and lasting power) that was pretty great…but I can't help but there more out there?

Today, I thought I'd give you a quick run-down of some of the other mascaras I've tried recently that have not passed the Eyeshadow Addict fabulousness test. At least they get me closer to The One, right?

1) Buxom Full and Fabulous Mascara

This mascara was completely underwhelming. The wand was kind of cool—there were little balls at the end of each bristle that, in theory, helped with separating my lashes. But there was really nothing full or fabulous about my lashes with this mascara. They were…acceptable. That's all.

2) Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

I wanted to love this mascara. It made my lashes look pretty awesome—black, thick and long. Almost better than….never mind. But it flaked. A lot. There's nothing sexy about swiping little black flecks off your face all day. Never mind the number that said swiping can do on the rest of your makeup. So disappointing.

3) Diorshow Mascara by Dior

This mascara, with the biggest, most club-like brush I've ever seen, was so, so blah. It didn't live up to the volume hype at all. Did I get an old, dried-out sample, maybe?

4) Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

This mascara was probably the best of this bunch. There are nice, tightly-packed bristles that deposit a decent amount of volume and an okay amount of length onto my lashes. It also holds up all day. But isn't there a longwearing mascara out there that will give me VA VOOM lashes? 

I guess I'll keep looking! And maybe go back to the Smokey Eye/Lash Power combo. It held promise. Potential. Hope.

What are your favourite mascaras for big, bold lashes? I want it all: Volume, length, separation, and great wear time. I prefer not to wear waterproof formulas. Help me out, fellow beauty lovers!

Disclosure: One of these was provided for my consideration. The others were either purchased by Eyeshadow Addict or earned with Beaty Insider Points. This post contains affiliate links. 

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My Favourite Things, volume 1

A few of my favourite things: MAC blush in The Perfect Cheek, Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara, MAC lipstick in Syrup, and MAC eyeshadow in Concrete.

My makeup routine looks a tad different every day—I like to mix it up and try different things. But sometimes there are products I reach for again and again. This post is the first in a series called "My Favourite Things," in which I'll provide a quick snapshot of these products. 

Here are a few things I loved this week:


1. Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara.


Diorshow Iconic mascara (sample size).

Diorshow Iconic mascara (sample size).

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara doesn't give me the big, bold, dramatic lashes I was hoping for, but it does create beautiful, deep black lashes with decent volume, good separation, and not-bad length. It also does an okay job of holding curl, which is unusual for me. There is one truly winning quality, though: It doesn't budge or flake—at all. All day. Given the trouble I've been having with mascaras that smudge under my eyes lately (Clinique High Impact, I'm looking at you!), I'll take it!

I'm working with a sample size I got at Sephora (hurray for 100-point perks!). I'm not sure if I'll purchase the full size when I'm done—I'm curious about whether another Dior mascara will deliver more drama. Thoughts, anyone?


2. MAC blush in The Perfect Cheek.


MAC blush in The Perfect Cheek, from the Marilyn Monroe collection (limited edition). 

MAC blush in The Perfect Cheek, from the Marilyn Monroe collection (limited edition). 

This blush, a limited edition product from MAC's Marilyn Monroe collection, is the perfect, neutral shade of pink for me—it gives my face the most beautiful, natural-looking pop of colour, and it's not over-the-top. I tend to emphasize my eyes when I'm doing makeup, so I just need something subtle on the cheeks—this is perfect. (No pun intended.) It's feminine and lovely, and it's a welcome change from my standard Tenderling (on which I've hit pan), which is much more brown than The Perfect Cheek. I feel so...sophisticated when I wear it. Must be Marilyn's influence. ;)


3. MAC eyeshadow in Concrete.

MAC eyeshadow in Concrete (matte). 

MAC eyeshadow in Concrete (matte). 

MAC Concrete is a basic matte brown-grey. For me, it's the perfect crease colour—I've worn it with a bunch of shadows, including MAC Warming Trend and All that Glitters. It contours the eye in a beautifully neutral way. I apply it with my 217, which blends it out easily. Applied with a regular shader brush, it might be a little over-the-top. 


4. MAC lipstick in Syrup.


MAC lipstick in Syrup.

MAC lipstick in Syrup.

Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for shiny, sticky lips—so I go for a subtle-looking lipstick like MAC's Syrup, which is an incredibly lovely "my lips, but better" shade. It's a beautiful, neutral, feminine shade of pink that makes my whole face look more polished. I purchased it just a few weeks ago, but it's already become a favourite.


5. Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup.


Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup in O1 natural.

Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup in O1 natural.

I was a MAC Studio Fix fiend for years—seriously. I don't think I wore anything else for over a decade. But as I aged (*cough*), I found my skin a little drier—and Studio Fix just wasn't as flattering as I wanted. I also hated the packaging. Whenever I hit pan (which was often), I'd inevitably drop the compact, and what was left of the product would break apart. I'd get a creamy, powdery mess—and a pile of wasted money. Way uncool. To top it off, I was a poor student who could barely afford this for most of those years—but bad skin made good foundation necessary. Even more uncool. 

I ultimately decided to switch to a liquid foundation for a flawless finish, and I played around with a few different powders before landing with Clinique's Superbalanced Powder Makeup in O1 (I'm an NW20). It's officially a powder foundation, but you can wear it sheer over liquid foundation, and it looks beautiful. It mattifies without looking mask-like, and the colour is bang-on for me—not to pink, not too yellow. It also lasts very well. I need to touch up the area on and around my nose mid-day, and that's it. 

My favourite feature, though, is the packaging. Remember my hatred for MAC Studio Fix's packaging? Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup is THE answer! It's a loose powder packed into this container, and you turn the little sieve-type thing on top that scrapes the product inside to dispense just enough. It's pretty, sturdy, and it's never broken on me or made a mess (I'm on my third or fourth one). It's truly an HG product for me.

The sad, sad reality is that it's been discontinued—I combed the Pacific Centre in Vancouver a month or two ago to nab the very last one. The salespeople at Clinique tell me it's being reformulated. I'm holding you to it, Clinique! Don't break my heart!

What about you? Did you keep reaching for a particular product (or a few) this week? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclosure: These products were purchased by Eyeshadow Addict. 


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