A Quick Eye of the Day with Jaclyn Hill's Eyeshadow Palette

The Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe.

The Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe.

Along with a few million other people, I fell for the Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette hype. I missed out on the first crop of palettes, and FOMO made me get onto eBay and grab one from a girl that had bought two. I spent "only" a few dollars more than I would have with Morphe's ridiculous shipping fee plus the US exchange.

I don't want to talk about how much money I would have saved if I had waited long enough for the Ulta release. #arrgghh

I haven't played with this palette a ton—funny how it seems less exciting when you have it in your hand. But the quality seems good so far, and there is a nice variety of colours. I love the looks she's shown on her channel. The look I came up with, of course, is not remotely original—a bronzey-gold basic smokey eye. I can't help myself. I like what I like!

An EOTD with the Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe.

I'm looking forward to playing with this palette a little more!

You can find the Jaclyn Hill Palette at Ulta.com for $48.25 Canadian.

Have you tried the Jaclyn Hill Palette? Are you planning to? Let me know in the comments! If you have a look to share, please post that too! I'd love to be inspired.

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Does Urban Decay's Naked Heat Palette Work with Cool Skintones?

An eye of the day with Urban Decay's Naked Heat Palette.

I knew very warm tones probably weren't for me. But I got sucked into the hype of the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette—and the beautiful looks that others were creating with it. A Sephora coupon code sealed the deal. It would be mine.

And you know what? I didn't love it. First I tried a simple look with some of the terracotta shades. And every time I looked in the mirror, I just saw ORANGE. *shiver* Then I tried to mix it up with this look (inspired by this look), focusing on the purple, which I blended over some purple eyeliner for depth. It was better. Purples and bronzes look great with my eye colour.

But the rest of my cool-toned complexion? Not so much. At least in my opinion. In this look, my eyes pop, but my skin just doesn't look as healthy as it usually does.

Compare it to this look, for example.

Ultimately, I returned the Naked Heat Palette because I didn't love it. At this point in my collection, there's no point keeping things around that I won't reach eagerly for.

The lesson? Don't just choose eyeshadow based on your eye colour. Choose eyeshadow based on your overall colouring. Are you warm-toned (more golden skin) or cool-toned (more pinky skin)? If you're cool-toned like me, you'll probably look your best in greys and cool browns. I wear lots of different colours because I like trying different things. But without fail, I get the most compliments when I wear greys, purples and taupes.

What do you think, lovelies? Am I nuts? Or would I look best if I stuck to cooler tones? (I refuse to entertain the word should in makeup. There is no should. Wear what you love. And if it doesn't work out the way you hoped, wash it off!)

Have you learned any makeup lessons lately? Or do you scorn the "rules"? Let me know in the comments!

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A Quick EOTD with the Master Palette by Mario

Work is a little crazy lately—I've been transitioning into a new role—but I still wanted to take a moment to show you a look I recently came up with using Anastasia Beverly Hills' Master Palette by Mario. it's out of stock online—sorry!—but you may still be able to find it in stores. If you happen to see one, consider grabbing it. It's beautiful. I think of it as a neutral palette with a twist—in addition to your standard browns and golds, there are some stunning, earthy shades including an olive green, and even a slate-blue. To me, it's unique without being too crazy.

In this look, I used a couple of the matte shades in my crease, and created a shimmery spotlight look with some of the darker shimmer shades.

A look with Anastasia Beverly Hills' Master Palette by Mario.

The colours apply, blend, and last beautifully. I really like how this turned out. What do you think?

Have you tried this palette? Do you regret missing it? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: This product was purchased by Eyeshadow Addict.