A Springy Eye of the Day with the Clarins Garden Escape Palette (Limited Edition)

Clarins Garden Escape Palette (Click to enlarge)

Those of you currently buried in the Great White Winter…would you hate me if I told you that the cherry blossoms bloomed early in Vancouver this year? I'm sorry. But only a little bit—because I've so done my time. Have I ever told you the story of my first winter in Saskatchewan?

They told me it would be a "dry" cold. Fair enough. When you feel the difference, you'll know—it's not the kind of cold that grabs onto your bones and doesn't let go. But the WIND. There's nothing that will prepare you for the gusts that slice right through your clothes and bite your skin. One day, on the walk from my dorm to class, the wind hit my face, and tears immediately gushed out of my eyes. What do you suppose happened when they hit air that was 40 degrees below zero?

That's right. I walked the rest of the way to class with my eyes frozen shut. Yes, really.

So I think I've earned the glorious springtime in this fabulous, odd little place where things bloom in February. 

That's right, my lovelies. Spring is in full force, and the timing is perfect for beautiful spring colours. The limited-edition Clarins Garden Escape Palette is right up my street, which is currently lined with a certain kind of tree. 

Have another look: What does this remind you of?

White, greens, pinks, and taupe….that's right, my lovelies. With this palette, I'm channeling the cherry trees in the West End.

I wouldn't typically pair green with pink in an eye look, but you know what? The combination works. In fact, it's gorgeous—and versatile. You can work with the greens and the taupe, or the pinks and the white, or the pinks and the taupe—or you can go overboard like me and try a look that pulls it all together. You can also apply the shadows wet or dry: Dry for a sheer look, and wet for nearly-true-to-pan pigmentation and colour. No fallout, and the colour lasts and lasts.

Ready for a look?

Please excuse the crazy, wide-eyed look. I wanted you to see the falsies from this angle. You'd think that after two years of beauty blogging I'd have figured out this selfie thing…nope.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Prime with MAC Paint Pot in Painterly (I use my finger)
  • Inner lid: Dark pink applied with a damp brush (MAC 239)
  • Outer lid: Taupe applied with a damp brush (MAC 239)
  • Crease: Light green applied dry (MAC 217)
  • Upper crease: Light pink applied dry, to blend (Sonia Kashuk Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush)
  • Outer corner: A hint of dark green applied dry (MAC 217)
  • Inner corner: White, applied dry (Real Techniques Shading Brush)
  • Liner: MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack applied with a fine liner brush (MAC 210)
  • Ardelll 301 half-lashes applied with Duo glue

Rating: Five stars out of five. No complaints. 

The verdict: Love this palette for spring. In fact, it's a serious contender for my sister's wedding at the end of March. The colour of our dresses is very similar to the light green of the palette.

Available: Shoppers Drug Mart, Hudson's Bay and Clarins.ca for $44.

What do you think about my wedding look? Should I embrace a little colour with this palette, or play it safe and classy with browns? Leave your advice in the comments!

Disclosure: This product was purchased by Eyeshadow Addict. This post contains affiliate links.