Quick Skincare Review: IQ Natural Clarifying Daily Care Set

IQ Natural Clarifying Trio.

Skincare reviews are hard—mostly because skincare is so personal. Thinking that what works for one person will definitely work for you is like saying, "My friend wears a size-seven shoe, so a size seven should work for me too!" You need to carefully consider your own skin type (talking to a professional can help!) and go with a customized routine that contains, at minimum, a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Feel free to mix and match skincare concerns if you feel you have a variety of needs.

With that in mind, I'll do my best to tell you how this skincare set interacted with MY skin, and you can decide whether it's worth a try!

My skin is really quite fun: I get oily on the nose, but I seem to get dehydrated elsewhere. My skin gets easily irritated and red, AND it's acne-prone. That means I have to try to control shine while staying hydrated, and combat acne without irritating or stripping the rest of my skin. It's a challenge.

When a rep from IQ Natural, a natural skincare company, contacted me and recommended the Natural Clarifying Daily Care Set (travel-sized) for my skin, I figured, "Why not?" My skin has come through a season of nasty breakouts and has calmed down, so I thought it would be safe.

Here are my impressions:

Make sure you're on board with natural ingredients before you give this a try. I've never been committed to natural ingredients, and I'd never used natural skincare before this, so there were a couple of thingsthat I found a little off-putting.

  • One, the scent of the cleanser. I can't quite describe it—a little like medicine, but minus the alcohol. I didn't particularly like it, but fortunately it didn't last.
  • Two, the consistency of the moisturizer. Have you ever made frosting, but added too much milk and had it go too soft? It's kind of like that. I find it sits on the skin longer than other moisturizers I've tried, and takes awhile to absorb. I can only assume this has something to do with the natural ingredients.

I think this will work better on younger, slightly oilier skin. IQ Naturals has a couple of acne lines: One "regular" line, and one for mature skin. I think I'd prefer the mature set. The cleanser in the regular set, while by no means nearly as harsh as most other acne products out there, did leave my skin feeling a bit tight. As a whole, the set was fine, but I feel I need more hydration in my skincare.

This is a nice enough, basic set. Nothing really "wowed" me, but the cleanser removes all gunk and makeup, the toner doesn't sting, and the moisturizer (when it sinks in), leaves my skin feeling reasonably moisturized. The products didn't irritate my skin, and seemed to neither eliminate or irritate/cause breakouts.

Overall: If your skin is normal to oily, you're not sensitive to scents, your acne isn't too severe, and you're committed to natural skincare, consider giving this a try.

Disclosure: These products were provided by PR for my consideration.