Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip in the Pinks: Review and Photos

Make Up For Ever Artist Acylip in 201, 200 and 202.

Is there a popular makeup brand out there that hasn't released a liquid lipstick line in the last year? They're definitely the current hot thing—and generally, I don't get it. I like the look of matte lips as much as the next person, but I don't like the hyper-dryness of most liquid lipsticks. I also find them more work to apply than I would like, so I tend to prefer regular old lipstick in the bullet.

Make Up For Ever's new Artist Acrylip formula is a great product for makeup mavens like me who don't appreciate the dryness of typical liquid lipsticks. The formula is definitely liquid, but it doesn't set to a dry, ultra-matte finish. It also don't last quite as long as a typical liquid lipstick, but that's a fair trade-off for me. It does leave behind a nice stain.

The downside of Acrylip for me is the applicator. It's a round sponge-tip that doesn't provide the precision I want given the consistency of the product—it's easy to over-apply. I recommend a brush.

Make Up For Ever Artist Acylip in 200, a light, milky candy-pink.

The formula itself is probably one of the most pigmented I've ever tried. It really does remind me of acrylic paint, as per the product name. A little goes a LONG way!

I have three shades of Artist Acrylip to show you: 201, Fuchsia Pink, 200, Candy Pink, and 202, Coral Pink.

Artist Acrylip 201, a loud, bright fuchsia, is my happy place. You can apply a thin layer with a lip brush for a stained look, or you can layer it for more of a pop, like I did above.

My face in this photo pretty well sums up how I feel about Artist Acrylip 200, Candy Pink. It's very pretty, but the milky shade looks comical on my skin tone! I found it applied a little streaky compared to the other colours—I needed to build it up to full opacity. I think that's fairly normal for such light colours, though.

Acrylip 202, which I'd describe as a deep, deep coral, surprised me. I normally don't go for orange, but this grew on me. Even my husband, who doesn't often comment specifically on my makeup, thought this colour was lovely. I might just wear it to the movies tonight!

If you're interested in a liquid lipstick that doesn't make your lips dry and crumbly, and that isn't fully matte, definitely give Artist Acrylip a try. As usual, Make Up For Ever doesn't disappoint. You can find these at Sephora for $29.

Are you part of the liquid lipstick fan club? What do you like about them? Are you interested in giving these a try? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: These products were provided by PR for my consideration.