London Look's Makeup Remover Review: Cosmetic FAIL

London Look Make-Up Remover

Sometimes an ingenious plan to save money just blows up in your face. Yes? Some time ago, I determined that I simply don't need to be shelling out $20+ for makeup remover—something I'm washing off in a few seconds. So as much as I like it, I stopped using Clinque's purple stuff, and I went for a drugstore remover instead. It worked fabulously. Then I spied an even cheaper bottle of makeup remover at London Drugs by London Look, and I got cocky. I thought, "Why not?"

Why not, indeed. The price was right—maybe $6. And I like the packaging—rather than having to flip the bottle upside-down, I can press on the top to dispense the product. Cool!

Alas, the stuff simply doesn't work very well for me. I need to scrub to get London Look's Make-Up Remover to work, and even then, I'm still dealing with traces of eyeliner. Not nice for the delicate skin around my eyes!

If you wear extremely light eye makeup, maybe give this a try, but for me, this was a big, disappointing FAIL. (I wear cream base, shadow, eyeliner and mascara daily, so my needs are on the heavy side.)

I've gone back to my middle-of-the-road Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover (about $10). It feels good to be home. :)

Rating: One star out of five. (My lowest-ever rating. Ouch!)

Available: London Drugs for about $6.

What's your favourite makeup remover? Is is a splurge or a save item for you?

Disclosure: This product was purchased by Eyeshadow Addict.