Irrestible Me Hair Extensions Review: Sadly, Pretty Easy to Resist

Irresistible Me Silky Touch Hair Extensions in Medium Brown

My hair is currently in that horrid in-between stage when you're trying to grow out a bob. Someone wave your hands and yell at me the next time I say I'm bored with my long hair and I want to chop it into something short and trendy. I don't like it!
When Irresistible Me contacted me and asked if I'd like to try out their Silky Touch hair extensions, my reaction was something akin to "HECK YES!" I was SO excited to have long hair again. I'd also read a good review from Chelle on the Royal Remy hair extensions (a step up from these), so I was sure I'd love them. I ordered them in medium brown, 14 inches and 200 grams (you can choose the colour, length and weight), and I hoped—hard. I even bought a box of medium-brown dye to make sure my auburn locks (at the time) matched my extensions.

Then I tried them. And they looked bad, and made my scalp feel weird. So I figured I was doing it wrong, and watched a video or two. Then I tried them again, and they looked like a bad wig. They also still hurt my scalp. So I took them out, and figured I needed to tease my roots more. So I bought a special comb, and tried them again. My husband said they looked like a mane (my thoughts exactly). So I took them out, mourned, and gave up.

Why don't they work for me? It's hard to say. I have a few thoughts:

  1. The texture is fairly coarse, which is a big change from my very fine, smooth hair.
  2. Maybe the little combs are meant for a different hair texture (see point above).
  3. Maybe I have sensitive scalp? Who knew!
  4. Maybe I'd have better luck with the Royal Remy extensions? They're supposed to be the brand's Cadillac—virgin hair. Anyone tried both?

Alas, perhaps me and these extensions just weren't meant to be. I'll never take my long hair for granted again!

Any thoughts from lovelies who have tried these? Did you have better luck? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclosure: These Silky Touch Irresistible Me Hair Extensions were provided by PR for my consideration.