MAC Opulash Mascara: Review and Photos

MAC Opulash Mascara in Bad, Bad Black.

I like my lashes big, bold, and black. Based on the reviews I read of this mascara, I thought this would be the ticket. (I was so confident I would love it that I bought it at a store without a return policy. Grrr.) 

Alas, this is another MAC mascara miss for me. It's not bad—it's just okay. 

MAC's website describes Opulash in Bad, Bad Black as "a more saturated, intense black." It's also supposed to deliver extra volume and curl. How does it fare?

The good: 

  • The colour is a nice black (no grey), though I don't notice anything extra-black about it.
  • It delivers an acceptable amount of volume.
  • It does an okay job of holding curl. Some formulas straighten the curl from my Shiseido eyelash curler—so I although it doesn't curl my lashes per se, it keeps my lashes lifted throughout the day. 
  • Wear time is great. It doesn't budge—no flaking, no smudging. I really wish these features were standard with all mascaras, as they really should be, but alas, they're not. 
  • Removal is easy. Like MAC Extended Play, Opulash comes off entirely with warm water. You spend less money on remover, you're easier on your lashes, and you don't have to wipe off raccoon eyes after washing your face! (I'm looking at you, Benefit They're Real!)

The not-so-good:

  • Honestly, while it's not a terrible mascara, it just doesn't live up to its claims. The description seems to promise drama, drama, drama. But I don't see it.
  • It sets quickly, and is prone to looking goopy if you try to build it after it's dry. A volumizing mascara that doesn't layer well? No thanks.
  • It makes my lashes crispy. Not a fan.
  • The baseball-bat-like brush. Honestly, even if I really lked this mascara, the brush might keep me from re-purchasing. It's giant and un-wieldy, and no matter what I do, I seem to end up with mascara smeared on my lids. You should know I'm not new at mascara—after nearly two decades of wearing it, I think I'm pretty good at it! But this mascara makes me feel like a total noob. I've taken to applying my mascara first, cleaning up the mess with a cotton swab, and then doing eyeshadow and liner. Lame. 

Ready for a look? 

MAC Opulash Mascara in Bad, Bad Black.

The brush. If you're a fan of DiorShow, maybe you'll love this—it's half the price! But it's not for me. 

MAC Opulash Mascara in Bad, Bad Black, swatched on my hand. As you can see, it's certainly black—but I don't see anything extra-black about it. 

Bare lashes, pre-mascara. 

Approximately two coats of MAC Opulash Mascara in Bad, Bad Black. Not bad. But, in my opinion, not awesome. 

The verdict? Meh. (Some days I dislike it a little more passionately—remember the mascara rundown in my recent Wish List post?) I'm waiting for it to run out so I can Back 2 Mac it. 

Would I repurchase? Nah. My search for the perfect black mascara shall continue. 

Rating: Three stars out of five.

Available: You can find it at and anywhere else MAC Cosmetics are sold for $19 Canadian. Note that you get 11 grams of product.

What do you think of MAC Opulash? Love? Hate? Intrigued? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: This product was purchased by Eyeshadow Addict. 


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