A Classy Face of the Day for "Mauvember"

I have SO much more respect for YouTubers after this week. I filmed a video Sunday, and was so horrified with the footage that I filmed it again today. Both outcomes are sad. I've realized the following:

  • I have a perpetual double-chin below a certain angle—time to stop eating so many cookies!
  • I make a lot of really strange facial expressions. Time to practice my resting face.
  • I'm more high-strung than I think, because I never, ever look relaxed on camera. Time to take up yoga?
  • I move around a lot. Too much caffeine?
  • A 50 mm lens, all I currently have since my wide-angle bit the dust, is not so great for filming videos. Recommendations welcome. Christmas is coming, and a girl can dream.

You know what though? In spite of all odds, I shall endure. (#firstworldproblems) My GWRM video will come soon, because I'm just that stubborn. Today, a FOTD in honour of Mauvember will have to suffice. I'm wearing a combination of old favourites and new and exciting treasures, including Bite Beauty's limited-edition shade for this month, Mauvember. Here's the breakdown:




What do you think? Have you tried any of these products? What looks have you been loving lately? Leave me a link in the comments!