Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Micofinishing Powder: Review and Photos

Make Up For Ever's new Ultra HD Microfinishing Powders, loose (L) and pressed.

It's hard to believe how far powders have come since my high school days, when I caked on far too much Covergirl in a compact. They're so much more sophisticated and so much more finely milled than they used to be—meaning they do more while remaining undetectable on the skin. Sign me up!

I was introduced to these two beauties at a Make Up For Ever demo workshop in Vancouver. We got a step-by-step tutorial on how to use some of Make Up For Ever's new base products, including some sweet pro tips. And at the end, we got to take these home. Pretty sweet!

Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Microfinishing Powder, which comes in both pressed and loose, is the most delicate finishing powder I've ever seen. It melts right into the skin, and it really does blur my pores and lines—like an Instagram filter in real life.

A key thing to remember is this: They're not setting powders. They're finishing powders. I learned the difference at the Make Up For Ever workshop. You use a larger amount of setting powder to lock your makeup into place. A finishing powder goes on top to finish the look and blur the skin. Could you set with finishing powder? Probably. But it wouldn't work as well to mattify your skin and make your makeup last, and you might get some flashback due the amount you would need to use.

Another great tip we got at the workshop was application. A little goes a long way, and they recommended that we dip a brush such as Make Up For Ever's 160 Blush Brush into the powder, tap off the excess, and gently roll it onto the face. The brush has a long tip with a lot of surface area, making it perfect for a rolling motion that will let you lightly apply the powder without disturbing any of the base makeup underneath.

The result is a smooth, almost pore-less finish. And when I use the finishing powder, my makeup lasts just a little bit longer. I'm a big fan!

We were told at the workshop that the pressed powder has a few more ingredients than the loose, but I notice no difference in performance. Here's what it looks like (I'm wearing the pressed version in these photos):

If you're looking to up your base game, I definitely recommend giving these a try.

More great news: If you have a deeper skin tone and you haven't had great luck with these white/transparent powders, you're in luck! The pressed powder also comes in banana, for medium and tan skin tones, and peach, for tan to dark skin tones.

You can find them at Sephora, both in stores and online:

Have you ever tried a finishing powder? Will you be giving these a try? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: These products were provided by Make Up For Ever for my consideration.