Styli-Style's Dramatic Dip Loose Eyeshadows: The Third Day of Christmas

Dramatic Dip Loose Eyeshadows by Styli-Style. Left to right: Thunderhead, Rain Cloud, Tempest, Meteor Strike, and Sunshine.

For the third day of Christmas, I'd like to introduce you Styli-Style's Dramatic Dip Loose Eyeshadows. I received five colours I've been enjoying: Thunderhead, a cool bluish-grey, Rain Cloud, a plummy brown, Tempest, a bright rust, Meteor Strike, a peachy dark gold, and Sunshine, a bright yellow-gold. They're fun, shiny, metallic, bright colours. They're also extremely pigmented and easy to apply and blend.

My one complaint is the unusual packaging: 

Styli-Style Dramatic Dip Loose Eyeshadows.

The lids contain sponge-tip applicators, and they're sort of spring-loaded as you unscrew them. If sponge-tip applicators are your thing, you'll love these. If not, don't despair! I tap a little out of the cylinder onto a tissue, and apply it with a brush. It wears well, which is a fabulous surprise for a drugstore eyeshadow! (Note that I've tested it over Painterly Paint Pot—not alone.)

Ready for a look?

Swatches of Styli-Style Dramatic Dip Loose Eyeshadow. Left to right: Thunderhead, Rain Cloud, Tempest, Meteor Strike, and Sunshine. 

Here's a basic look with Rain Cloud applied all over the lid and into the crease. Note that I'm wearing it over Painterly. 

Styli-Style Dramatic Dip Loose Eyeshadow in Rain Cloud. 

I'm wearing Thunderhead all over the lid with Nooner (part of Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette) blended into the crease. I have black eyeliner blended softly onto the upper and lower lash lines with more Thunderhead swept over top.

A smoky eye look starring Styli-Style's Dramatic Dip Loose Eyeshadow in Thunderhead, a cool, shimmery grey.

The verdict: They're fun and good quality, though a tad impractical for me due to the packaging. Then again, for the price (about $5 each for 3.5 grams of product), I can forgive a little impracticality! I think they could be a great introduction to loose eyeshadow. 

Rating: Four stars out of five.

Available: Online and at select Rexall, Pharmasave, Pharma Plus, and Lawtons Drugs locations for about $5. 

Have you tried any of Styli-Style's products? What did you think? 

Happy third day of Christmas! I'll see you all tomorrow.

Disclosure: This product was provided for my consideration. 

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