Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer in Fair to Medium: Micro-review

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer in Fair to Medium

Summer calls for comfortable dresses and sandals—am I right? The problem for ultra-fair-skinned gals like me is that showing my legs to the world after the long winter can be a scary prospect. We're talking pasty white. Blue-white. Even when the sun tans my arms a nice golden brown…my legs still think it's January. It's depressing. 

With a wedding coming up in September, I thought I'd try something new this summer: self-tanner. I used to visit tanning beds for special occasions, but these days, it so doesn't seem worth the risk. I've done the spray-tan thing, and they just make me look dirty. This was option number three, and Jergens makes an extremely affordable gradual self-tanner I'd heard great things about. I picked up this tube of Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer at London Drugs for something like $8, and I've been pleased so far—especially given the price.

You'll like this product if….

  • You don't mind applying it daily.
  • You don't mind a tan that builds gradually.
  • You're after very subtle, natural-looking colour.
  • You've had issues with other products rubbing off on your clothes (this one doesn't).
  • Other products have gone streaky on you. This one is forgiving—just go easy around knees and ankles and wash your hands afterward.

You may want to pass on this product if….

  • You're after a bronzed look.
  • You want an instant tan.
  • You don't want to reapply daily—you need consistency with this product. 

Have you maintained a tan this summer—fake or otherwise? How did you do it?