Uniq One Coconut All In One Hair Treatment: Micro-Reivew

Uniq One Coconut All In One HairTreatment

I've spent most of my life with healthy, silky hair. Stringy and flat, yes. But also smooth and shiny! I was proud. I took it for granted. So when I decided to go copper a couple of months ago, I was in for a shock: After the lightening process, my hair didn't feel like mine anymore. It felt rough, dry…and sad. I began the hunt for a product that might restore it almost to its former glory, and I landed here.

Uniq One Coconut All In One Hair Treatment is a thin lotion that I spray on wet hair and comb through. It promises to do a whopping 10 things:

  • Repair dry and damaged hair
  • Add shine and control frizz
  • Offer heat protection
  • Add silkiness and smoothness
  • Protect colour with UVA and UVB filters
  • Make brushing and ironing easier
  • Detangle
  • Make style last longer
  • Prevent split ends 
  • Add body

I can't comment on all of these because I've only been using the product for a month or so, but I can say with confidence it has changed my hair. It feels like mine again! It's silky and smooth, and flyways are under control.

The product conditions, protects, detangles, and adds a bit of body and hold without too much of a "product" feeling (unless I overdo it). It also smells ah-mazing. At less than $20 (I got mine at zennkai), we have a winner!

What do you use to repair damaged or colour-treated hair? Let me know in the comments!