My Picks for Sephora's VIB Sale

Sephora VIB

Time to get shopping—am I right? Six points? Pffft. (Warning: I'm an enabler.)

Who's excited about the upcoming Sephora VIB sale in November? (According to Musings of a Muse, it starts November 4 for VIB Rouge and November 5 for VIB.) Who's conveniently forgetting about their no-buy commitment during that timeframe? Anyone? (*Cough*)

I'm keeping it cool this year. I've added a somewhat embarrassing amount to my already overflowing collection this year, so my list is short—just a very few basics. Here it is:

1) Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12

So maybe spending $23 on a brow brush is a little silly, but I love the look of this brush for two reasons: a) The line is nice and fine. My current brow brush is splayed and gross, so I think a new one will give me cleaner lines. b) The spoolie on the end. I know, I know. I can just clean up and soften my brows with a separate spoolie on the cheap. But when I'm in a hurry in the morning, I don't want to hunt for a spoolie. Plus, my bathroom is tiny. So this brush will be a win! 

2) NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow

I already have one of these beauties in Callisto, and I love it. It's soft, buttery, and beautiful. The depth of colour in the shimmer is gorgeous, and it packs a pigment wallop with no fallout. I also love that I can use it wet without wrecking the shadow. I'm thinking at least one more of these needs to come home with me—maybe Subra, a beautiful, deep eggplant. The price, $33 for one shadow, is painful. So the VIB sale is a perfect opportunity to justify the purchase, yes?

3) Bobbi Brown Mini Eye Palette

Seriously, WHY don't more cosmetic companies do things like this? We all know that I'll never, EVER go through all the eyeshadows I have. So getting a large amount of each individual colour really isn't a priority for me. I'm more about variety than quantity. So a smaller version of a typical Bobbi palette for a fraction of the price? Yes, please. Even though I already have way too many Bobbi palettes, the $42 price tag on this makes it hard to resist.

What are your picks for the upcoming VIB sale? Are you loading your basket ahead of time?

My Makeup Wish List: Summer Edition

My makeup addiction began when I was about 12—and it's grown steadily since. I've become particularly insatiable in the last few years. It may have something to do with the fact that I now live within walking distance of a MAC PRO store, a Sephora, a Holt Renfrew...Moving to downtown Vancouver was a dangerous move, I tell you.

But I digress. Like any self-respecting makeup addict, I have a wish list. I've seen lots of these pop up lately—so I thought I'd share mine! 

1.    Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light

I've always, always worn a matte face. It dates back to my awkward, adolescent, very acne-prone days where I wasn't so much concerned about the healthy glow. I just wanted the horrid red banes of my facial existence gone. I piled on MAC's Studio Fix foundation—and it was awesome for what I needed it to do. I was a loyal follower for years.  

A few short years ago, I woke up to the fact that I wasn't an acne-ridden mess anymore, and hadn't been for quite some time. I moved on to a more natural-looking foundation routine—but I still couldn't let go of the matte finish.

One of the reasons is that the pores on my nose are a little larger than I would like. It makes me wary of the "dewy" look. Won't it just look greasy? Won't it magnify my pores?

Hourglass' new-ish Ambient Lighting Powders are intriguing. I started devouring every review I could when they first came out. Was it really possible that a powder could make me glow AND blur the appearance of my pores? 

I really, really want to find out! I'll start easy, with Dim Light, one of the less sparkly shades.  Wish me luck!

2.    Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in Black  

I feel like I've been on the hunt for the perfect black mascara since the 90s, when I bought my first tube (probably from the dollar store—*shudder*). At first, I just wanted something that didn't smear. Then flakes annoyed me. Then, as I got older, my lashes seemed to lose a little of their oomph, and I got picky: I wanted drama, drama, drama—and I wanted it to last all day, without smearing or flaking.

A tall order indeed. 

Here's a summary of my search so far: 

  • Clinique High Impact looks awesome, but gives me raccoon eyes by the end of the day.
  • Ditto with Lancome Hypnose.
  • MAC Extended Play stays put, but doesn't do much for volume.
  • Benefit They're Real! isn't bad, but it flakes a tad, and doesn't deliver the drama I want. It's also a pain to remove.
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes isn't bad. It's a lovely black colour, and it stays put, but I'm greedy. I want more drama.
  • I loathe and abhor MAC Opulash. I really, truly hate it. It stays put all day and comes off easily, but it makes my lashes crispy-looking. I also can't seem to manage that ridiculously large brush—in spite of nearly two decades of practice with mascara. Every morning I put it on, then dab up the mess on my eyelid with a Q-tip. I'm bitter. Very bitter.
  • Diorshow Overcurl is probably the best I've found so far. It wears well, it's a lovely, deep black, it holds a curl, and it does a decent job of lengthening and volumizing. But at $35 a tube, I don't want decent, darnit. I want a miracle. 

Could Le Volume de Chanel be my miracle? According to reviews I've read from mavens like Karen over at Makeup and Beauty Blog, it just might be. 

I hope. Oh, I hope! 

3.    MAC 239 Shader Brush

I call myself an eyeshadow addict, and yet I don't own this brush. I almost feel ashamed. I own at least a dozen other eyeshadow brushes of varying sizes and shapes because I keep buying cheaper brushes, hoping to find my Holy Grail. But they all lack a certain something: Too big. Too small. Too soft. Too firm. Too wide.

The price tag on this lassie intimidates me. But I think it's time. I've read high and low that MAC's 239 is THE brush. This summer, I hope to find out for myself.

Have you tried any of these items? What are your thoughts? Do you have a wish list? If you do, share it in the comments! I'd love to hear about it.  

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