Review: Is the beautyblender worth the dough?

The original beautyblender.

The original beautyblender.

If you've been hanging out around these parts awhile, you may remember how much I liked the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, which is a cheaper alternative to the much-hyped beautyblender. It's orange, slightly larger than the beautyblender, and a slightly different shape. It's also $16 cheaper. And you know what? At the time, I had no complaints because I had nothing to compare it to. It did a great job of blending out my under-eye concealer and finishing off areas on my face (like my nose) where I wanted to be extra-sure my finish was flawless.

Then, during last month's VIB sale, I decided to give the "real thing" a whirl. I had heard from makeupbytiffanyd that the beautyblender felt less "wet" during use than the RT sponge. I had indeed noticed that the RT sponge left a touch of water on my face when I was blending my foundation. Additionally, my RT sponge was looking a little worse for wear—it had several pock marks on it. So rather than replacing it for $10, I upgraded.

My friends, I'm not looking back. The original beautyblender is more than double the price at $26, and I know it hurts, but I promise it's 100 per cent worth it.

Here's the deal: The beautyblender seems less porous than the RT sponge. It has no trouble absorbing water, which allows the sponge to grow, but once you towel it off and give it a squeeze, you'll get no water on your skin. Additionally, the surface is smoother. This textural difference is what blows the  RT sponge out of the water. The foundation finish you're left with is just better. 

Another little bonus? Packaging. The beautyblender comes in this little round canister with a lid that has a small hole in the top. When you're finished using it, you perch it on top of your canister, and as it dries, it slowly shrinks down and slips back into the canister. If you want to travel with it, pop the lid on top and you're good to go! This feels much more sanitary than the RT sponge, which I always had to store on or in tissue.

Rating: Four and a half stars out of five. Amazing product that I will repurchase, but $26 for a scrap of sponge? Seriously? Come on now.

Verdict: The beautyblender is expensive (sigh), but worth the splurge. Sorry, Sam and Nic—I love many of the Real Techniques brushes, but I'm going big on my foundation sponge! Beautyblender forever!

Available: Sephora and for $26 Canadian. I've also seen it at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Have you tried the beautyblender and compared it to sponges by other brands? What did you think? Let me know in the comments! 

Disclosure: This product was purchased by Eyeshadow Addict.