Vintage-style earrings: c. by chelsea, Vancouver designer

Vintage-style earrings, c. by chelsea.

I'm not a big jewellery person, but I do have a small weakness for earrings. I was banished from our apartment for most of Saturday so my husband could prepare for my "surprise" birthday party (ha!), and I couldn't resist a little shopping. Just before heading home, I spied a little boutique on West 4th Avenue in Kitsilano called c. by chelsea. Many of the pieces are by a local designer, and they're beautiful and feminine. In addition to a soft, flowy, mohair cardigan, I picked up these beauties. They're dainty, a little dangly, and they catch the light like nothing else. They're lovely enough that my husband barely minded the impulsive shopping trip when he saw them on! ;) 

I do think you should investigate this women's boutique if you're in the Vancouver area. It's cozy, the pieces (clothing and accessories) are lovely and reasonably priced, and the salesperson I worked with was incredibly nice and helpful. When I asked whether the cardigan I purchased was dry-clean-only, she texted the owner to ask—and got a response in minutes! 

c. by chelsea is located at 1834 W. 4th Ave. in Vancouver.

Have you tried anything from this boutique? Would you like to?

Disclaimer: These products were purchased by Eyeshadow Addict. As always, opinions are my own.

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