A Quick Eye of the Day with Jaclyn Hill's Eyeshadow Palette

The Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe.

The Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe.

Along with a few million other people, I fell for the Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette hype. I missed out on the first crop of palettes, and FOMO made me get onto eBay and grab one from a girl that had bought two. I spent "only" a few dollars more than I would have with Morphe's ridiculous shipping fee plus the US exchange.

I don't want to talk about how much money I would have saved if I had waited long enough for the Ulta release. #arrgghh

I haven't played with this palette a ton—funny how it seems less exciting when you have it in your hand. But the quality seems good so far, and there is a nice variety of colours. I love the looks she's shown on her channel. The look I came up with, of course, is not remotely original—a bronzey-gold basic smokey eye. I can't help myself. I like what I like!

An EOTD with the Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe.

I'm looking forward to playing with this palette a little more!

You can find the Jaclyn Hill Palette at Ulta.com for $48.25 Canadian.

Have you tried the Jaclyn Hill Palette? Are you planning to? Let me know in the comments! If you have a look to share, please post that too! I'd love to be inspired.

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Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Ink Liner and Color Paint: Review and Photos

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Ink Liner in M-62 Matte Intense Brown and Color Paint in L-54 Lustrous Taupe.

Make Up For Ever keeps cranking out products in their Aqua XL line, and they're generally pretty bomb. I really like their eyeliners. If you're a fan of colour, the line is perfect for you—there are so many fun options. 

Their latest offering is Color Paint, a cream eyeshadow in a tube, and Ink Liner, a liquid eyeliner. I have one of each to show you: Color Paint in L-54 Lustrous Taupe, and Ink Liner in M-62 Matte Intense Brown.

The Ink Liner has become one of my new favourite eyeliners. The deep, cool brown shade is great, and I'd definitely like to pick it up in black. The lasting power is good. My favourite part, by far, though, is the applicator. It's flexible enough to "hug" the eye like a brush would, but firm enough that I find it far easier to work with than most liquid liners. You do need to be careful layering it—if you layer too much, it can lift. But you can work around that.

The Color Paint in Lustrous Taupe isn't my favourite cream eyeshadow. Swatched on the hand, there's some very fine micro-shimmer, but it doesn't show up on the eye. Additionally, you have to layer for full opacity, which, for me, leads to patchiness because of how quickly it sets. I can make it work, but it's a little more trouble than I would like. That said, when it's on, it looks nice and lasts very well. Also, I'm a fan of the tube packaging—it's far more hygienic than than a pot into which you dip your finger.

Here is what they look like:

Swatches of Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Ink Liner in M-62 Matte Intense Brown and Color Paint in L-54 Lustrous Taupe.

Overall, I'd say you could skip the more neutral Color Paint shades. The formula isn't that exciting, and there is so much more out there that is easier to work with. But if the more unusual colours speak to you, give them a try!

The Ink Liner is a whole different story. I love it, and I'll definitely be replacing it when I run out.

You can find Color Paint at Sephora for $31 (4.8 mL). You can find Ink Liner at Sephora for $30 (1.7 mL).

Have you tried anything from Make Up For Ever's Aqua XL line? Will you be adding them to your shopping list? If not, what liquid eyeliners and cream eyeshadows are your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: These products were provided by PR for my consideration.

Comparing Ecotools' Perfecting Blender Duo to the the BeautyBlender

Left to right: The Ecotools concealer sponge and foundation sponge, and the BeautyBlender Pro.

The OG BeautyBlender changed the application and finish of my makeup. For the uninitiated, the BeautyBlender a soft, smooth, dense beauty sponge that you're meant to use damp. You wet it thoroughly, squeeze it out, and absorb the excess water with a towel or tissue. The purpose of the water is to keep it from absorbing product—remember, a saturated sponge can't take on any more liquid. Wet, the BeautyBlender expands to twice its size.

Then, you can either apply or finish your makeup by patting or bouncing the sponge onto your face. I prefer to finish my makeup with it rather than apply it—it does absorb some product, so I find finishing my makeup with it is more economical than dipping it right into my foundation. It takes off any excess makeup to ensure I don't cake up, and presses the rest into my skin for a perfect, airbrushed finish. Brush strokes begone! I'd choose this little sponge over a lot of my favourite brushes.

The only problem with the BeautyBlender is the expense. It's $26, which is a ton for a little piece of sponge, and, unlike brushes, it doesn't last long term. You need to replace it after three to six months. Not ideal.

So, like any bargain hunter, I've tried cheaper alternatives to the BeautyBlender, including the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (read my review and comparison to the BeautyBlender here), and the latest in the alternative lineup, the Ecotools Perfecting Blender Duo. The concept and technology behind these sponges and the BeautyBlender is essentially the same: You use them wet and they expand, creating a great tool for applying or finishing your base makeup to a perfect finish. 

The differences between the Ecotools Perfecting Blender Duo and the BeautyBlender are fairly slight. The Ecotools sponges are cut with different edges and angles, which are meant to help you access the nooks and crannies with your face with ease. The smaller of the Ecotools duo, in light green, is denser and meant for concealer. The larger one, in darker green, is lighter and meant for foundation. Wet, the darker green sponge is ever so slightly larger than the BeautyBlender. The lighter green sponger is smaller than the BeautyBlender.

Here are the things I like about the Ecotools Perfecting Blender Duo:

  • The price. For about $13, you get two sponges, and the result is similar to what you get with the BeautyBlender. It's great value.
  • You might like the cut and flat edges of the Ecotools sponges, particularly if you're using them for contouring, baking or applying powder. (I prefer the cut of the BeautyBlender; I find the tear-shaped tip ideal for getting into the contours of my face. But that's a personal preference.)
  • The finished result of your makeup is very nearly the same. I slightly prefer the finish I get with the BeautyBlender, but it's almost indistinguishable. 

Here are the things I don't particularly like about the Ecotools Perfecting Blender Duo:

    • I don't "get" the design of the concealer sponge. The density doesn't help the result—in fact, I find it slightly prone to just pushing my concealer around. Additionally, having a second sponge really just takes up more space on my vanity.
    • The foundation sponge seems to hold a little more water at the surface than the BeautyBlender—it's ever so slightly more porous. This tends to sheer out my foundation by depositing moisture onto my skin, which I don't love. 
    • The sponges don't last as long as the BeautyBlender. They're lower quality, and more prone to tearing and pitting. Now, if you consider that you'd get two Ecotools duos for what you spend on one BeautyBlender, maybe this isn't a big deal to you. But I like my products to last—having to replace them is a pain. 

    The verdict? If you have room for it in your budget, I suggest trying the BeatyBlender. If you don't, try the Ecotools Perfecting Blender Duo. For $13, it's definitely worth a try—and if you've never used a sponge before, I really think you'll love the results. 

    Do you use makeup sponges as part of your makeup routine? Which is your favourite?

    Disclosure: The Ecotools Perfecting Blender Duo was provided by FarleyCo for my consideration. The BeautyBlender was purchased by Eyeshadow Addict.